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sharing what you love

We’ve met some pretty inspiring people throughout our journey and we want to share their story, habits and life lessons with you. We are all unique and should embrace what makes us, own it and share it with the world.


Emma Barfield

Yoga | Retreats | Mindset

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🌊 There's a new wave coming.... We've been working really hard in all areas of our business to bring you a better experience. Expect a new wave of exciting products, campaigns and amazing stories filling your life with positivity.
We can't wait to share the next stage of our Positive Outlook journey with you and hope you join us for the ride. 🏄🏻‍♂️ #positiveoutlook
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Bags packed, heading back, sand still between the toes. Who had a good time at the beach this weekend? ⛱ #positiveoutlook ...

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Wheels spinning, faces grinning, sunshine living ☀️ #positiveoutlook ...

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Sunshine ✅, seaside view ✅, single-use plastic ❌ #reusablebottle
By 2050 the number of plastics in our oceans will be higher than the number of fish. It doesn't have to be this way, if 1 in 10 brits chose to change to a reusable bottle we would save around 340 million plastic bottles from oceans and landfill a year. #PositiveOutlook

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Our daypack is made from 200 denier cotton canvas keeping it lightweight, durable and ready for your sandy adventures. Featuring a laptop compartment and 3 external pockets, you’ll fit your daily essentials in with ease. Who is beachin’ it this weekend?#beachbagandbeyond #positiveoutlook ...

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Roll on the sunshine ☀️ #positiveoutlook ...

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