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The glass is half full. When life gives you lemons make lemonade. Don’t worry, be happy. In the current state of the world, these may be the last things you would want to hear and at first glance, you could be right. What kind of lemonade can you make from a pandemic that for some of us means the loss of a loved one? There is none. 

However, these everyday catchphrases hold a certain profound truth that is essential for anyone and everyone going through this journey of life. We will at one point, or another face an unprecedented obstacle in life but the difference between those who overcome the obstacle and those who are overcome by it is often their attitude. We are in the middle of a life-changing crisis and we somehow have to get through it. We cannot change the circumstance we are in but we can change our mindset as it’s the only thing each and every one of us has control over.