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There has never been a more pivotal time to really fine-tune our connection with ourselves, assess our stress and also the way that we react and respond to life.

As humans, we are hardwired to harden in response to stress, it’s actually the way that we protect ourselves against perceived outside threat, think metaphorical lions, bears, snakes taking on the form of finances, career, everyday life stress. Taking this metaphor, imagine applying it to yourself when imagining how you respond to these stressors – guarded, on alert, ready to defend if necessary. The body is tense, the mind is on high alert assessing and analysing, breath is short and sharp and heart rate is quick.

In light of current world conditions, now is the time to learn new techniques to regulate our stress levels. I would love to share 3 steps you can take to feel more balanced, grounded and optimal.


Consciousness is perceiving, apprehending, or noticing with a degree of controlled thought or observation.

Conscious Breath

Conscious Consumption

Conscious Movement


Breathing is the very first and also the very last thing that we do in life – it is VITAL to absolutely everything that we do and how much awareness do we actually bring to it each and every day? In yoga, we refer to this breath as life force and the ancient yogis would teach that the quality of the breath determines the quality of our life. The breath was actually one of the first things that brought me to yoga. As an asthmatic, I wanted to learn how to increase my lung capacity. Not to get too carried away, but how we breathe actually has a direct effect on the mind – it’s why meditation is such a popular way to actively destress the nervous system. It doesn’t have to be fancy, it just requires awareness (and eventually you can get as into it as you like, there are lots of epic resources now to activate the breath).


Give yourself a couple of minutes, sit in a comfortable upright position, spine tall, shoulders relaxed. Eyes can be closed or open (if open find a fixed gaze point out on the floor in front of you). Begin to take some slow and steady breaths in and out through the nose, letting the breath fill the lower belly, with an internal count of 5 in and 5 out. If it feels ok in your body you can increase the count to up to 8. Do between 10 – 20 rounds. Notice how you feel afterwards.



I first began my journey into yoga around twelve years ago, with an initial intention of wanting to improve my lung capacity to alleviate Asthma symptoms. I floated out of my first ever class, feeling a huge rising within me of feelings I’d not witnessed in a long time – peace. From there I was hooked and I just knew that I wanted to learn and to share these amazing teachings with as many others as I could. Truthfully the more I learn, the more empowered I am. My vision is now to support as many humans as I can on their own journeys and offer them ways to connect with their unique gifts and be empowered enough to share them too.

‘You are the sky, everything else is just the weather’

- Pema Chodron.


In our most natural state, our body is relaxed, our minds are calm. With inspiration from the quote, imagining from this state that you are the sky. Life itself wouldn’t activate if we didn’t experience rain or the occasional storm, and we certainly wouldn’t manage with just the sun all of the time. So, just too like the weather, this too shall pass, in whichever place you’re in right now, storm or sun. It’s all welcome.

One of the biggest gifts I’ve found personally from yoga and meditating is the ability to manage my reactions to life around me. When my mind is cluttered and feeling chaotic, it’s hard to manage or process anything else, and it’s easy to simply act out as the mind is literally saying ‘not another thing to think of, please!’.

Once we gain true mastery over our energy, thoughts and emotions, it’s then that we can truly begin to visualise what we actually want to see more of in our lives and let ourselves actually dream.

Emma Barfield


“The amazing humans at PO stand for everything that I love - conscious consumption, community and connection.”

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