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It has always been my goal with Positive Outlook Clothing to inspire others and help people keep and stay positive through all of life’s challenges.

So you can imagine my joy when we get the occasional email from customers or fans simply thanking us for?what we are doing and the message we are trying to spread.

One story in particular which touched my heart was that of Millie Throp, a student from Bath College studying Graphic Design.

At just 16 years old, at a time when most students are stressing out with GCSE’s Millie was undergoing open heart surgery. She was introduced to Positive Outlook by her best friend and wrote in to us explaining how our clothing and marketing had helped her remain positive throughout this traumatic experience.

“You’ve really encouraged me to keep?a positive mindset, it means the world, I haven’t really spoke about my op much but this has encouraged me to.?- Millie Throp”


Millie’s story is so inspiring and we’d like to thank her for writing to us and wish her all the best in the future.

Here’s her experience in a little more detail:

Towards the end of 2014 due to an unrelated doctors visit and check up, it became apparent that I had a common heart murmur, soon I had more minor tests as a precautionary investigation that I had thought nothing of, it wasn’t until an MRI in early 2015 that the murmur was In fact caused by a significantly sized hole in my heart, as a student currently in the last few months of my GCSE’s, this came as a surprise and I was told that it was rare for someone to have not been effected by it especially as I had had it my whole life without knowing, soon came my exams around March and I managed to stay in control of revision despite regular hospital visits and the news that I was to undergo open heart surgery in late June, a couple weeks after my last exam. Soon came prom and our official last day and a couple weeks later I went into Southampton Cardiac Specialist Unit, my operation went well and after less than a week I was discharged, I was told that it was likely that I would need at least 6 weeks recovery for my scar, my broken breast bone and to get my body back to its’ usual state. I was back out with my friends by the end of the week I was discharged and persevered with the effects of my surgery such as tiredness and lack of energy, I remained positive as I had done throughout my surgery and the whole experience in order to not let this effect my summer or my mood, positive outlook clothing promotes such a powerful message to people of all ages going through hard times as we all have to sometimes, I can personally say that by maintaining a positive mental attitude, I am happy and remained this way through what could have been a traumatic experience, I have made good progress, I passed all of my exams to a great standard and was discharged from cardiac a couple weeks ago and can soon get back to high intensity fitness and other things I have been unable to do throughout this period. I’ve always been a big fan of the clothing brand and only recently has it become apparent how inspiring the message that they promote is as well as protecting the environment and other unethical trading methods, due to the brand, I have always been reminded how important it is to be happy and remain unaffected no matter what you go through and to emit positive vibes to everyone around you. Positive Outlook Clothing will always encourage myself and others to remain positive and be happy, I am so grateful that they/you promote this and can continue to inspire people and show that you can get through anything with the right mindset and I owe them/you for that and of course my positive mindset. – Millie Throp

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