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Together, we are helping to reduce the spread of the coronavirus by staying at home. Yet many have an even bigger role to play, working harder than ever, and putting their own lives at risk to keep our country moving. For these people especially, positivity is KEY.

That’s why we have designed a collection of garments to show our appreciation, and to give key workers a little boost of positivity in times of need, whenever they see or wear this design.

All of the proceeds from this collection will be donated to an incredible local company – The Barn Kitchen. From the moment Coronavirus struck the country, they switched from serving princess-themed afternoon teas in their quaint little restaurant, to becoming a production line of FREE meals, providing for local hospitals and key workers across the Midlands.


To create a collection of organic and sustainable garments, designed to spread positivity and appreciation for our key workers. Perfect to wear and show your support, or as a gift for your family and friends on the frontline.




We are extremely happy to help support The Barn Kitchen, ran by our close friend Kelly who, since the lockdown was introduced, has already fed over 50,000 key workers for FREE, including nurses, paramedics, firefighters, police officers, blood donors and security guards.

When the lockdown was announced, Kelly, like all small business owners, feared for her company’s future. Yet she quickly turned that fear into purpose, passion and drive. She contacted a friend at the NHS, offering their leftover stock and ingredients for FREE meals to feed doctors and nurses at City Hospital.

Her staff also offered their time for FREE, without hesitation, to help in any way they could. “Not one of them, once, has said ‘what are we going to do without a job?’.  They all turned up and we’re all just going a day at a time.” explained Kelly.

They have continued to do this ever since. What started off as a first thought, has transformed into a busy production line – providing nutritious meals not just for our doctors and nurses, but reaching all local key working jobs.

Whilst Kelly and her team at The Barn Kitchen take the spotlight, this is a huge collective effort, funded by sponsorship and donations from the public and local businesses. Positive Outlook is honoured to join them, playing our part in this special initiative whilst spreading some positivity along the way.

Kelly Illes

The Barn Kitchen - Owner

"I've gone from being heartbroken to having joy in my belly when I go to bed at night. Fuelling them is fuelling me to keep going."


Let’s do our bit, so that they can do theirs. Our efforts are beginning to take effect but we can't stop now. Stay home, stay safe and show support.








Never has a positive outlook been more important.

Our aim is not only to raise money, support and feed our key workers, but to create a collection that would last and continue to spread thanks and positivity, long after this pandemic is over.

Each garment is constructed from premium organic cotton, GOTS-certified and recycled polyester (sweatshirt only), responsibly sourced and manufactured under ethical conditions audited by the Fair Wear Foundation. Each garment is PETA certified, meaning no animal testing on ingredients, formulations or finished products, and made from 100% vegan materials so you can be confident that no harm came to anyone during its creation.

Finally, each garment is hand-printed in the UK with care, using water-based, eco-friendly inks by our good friend at IDressMyself. They have not only helped by arranging to print these garments for us as a priority during lockdown but also helped by reducing costs wherever they could to ensure as much money as possible goes towards feeding our Key workers.

Wearing this garment, you can be proud that it does good, promotes good practices and will last a lifetime.

Together we can make a difference

- Positive Outlook Clothing

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