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Bamboo Cotton Buds - 100 pieces

Plastic que tips are one of the worst products in terms of plastic pollution, due to there small size they pass through all channels and straight into our oceans. For this reason the UK plans to ban plastic que tips from shop shelves.

Our bamboo cotton buds are natural and 100% biodegradable so can be thrown into your organic waste or compost when finished with, perfect for your bathroom at home or in your travel bag.

  • Plastic Free!
  • Sustainably sourced bamboo
  • 100pcs per pack
  • Organic cotton
  • Compostable

Buy 2 Packs – Get 10% OFF
Buy 3 Packs – Get 15% OFF
Buy 4 Packs – Get 20% OFF

Bamboo Toothbrush - 2 Pack

2 Billion plastic toothbrushes end up our oceans and landfill every year. Our toothbrushes are made from Mao bamboo and environmentally sustainable timber, heat treated providing a water resistant coating preventing the growth of bacteria. The entire toothbrush can be disposed safely by returning it to the earth, biodegrading in the soil without pollution.

Reusable Straw Pack

Half a million straws are used globally every day! Most end up in our oceans or landfill, switch to a reusable alternative today

Each pack contains 4 straws and 2 cleaning brushes made from FDA approved stainless steel neatly packed in a organic cotton jute bag ready to take with you wherever your journey takes you.

  • Pack Contents - 4 straws, 2 cleaning brushes, 1 cotton jute bag
  • FDA approved
  • Dishwasher safe
  • One-size fits most
  •  BPA-free and non-toxic

Reusable Stainless Steel Bottle

1 million plastic bottles are purchased every minute and only 1 in 5 end up being recycled and is quickly creating an environmental crisis. Help reduce your carbon footprint with our quality double vacuum thermal flask. Keep your coffee piping hot or your smoothie ice cold all day in our stylish, durable and portable flask.

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Looking to live life more sustainably, reduce your waste and cut down your carbon footprint? We’ve made it easy, with our range of sustainable starter packs full of eco alternatives to everyday items of which are the largest contributors to the worlds current waste issue.

The perfect present. These sets make a wonderful gift for your friends or loved ones who are looking to take the steps to a more sustainable lifestyle.

  • 1x 700ml reusable bottle (thermal)
  • Bamboo Toothbrushes (pack of 2)
  • Reusable Straw Pack (4 steel straws, 2 brushes)
  • Bamboo Cotton Buds (100pcs)
  • Save nearly 25%!!

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